A walk through the historic walled city of York

titleyorkI think I lost a piece of my heart in York, what an interesting and truly beautiful city! The more I tour the UK, the more wonderful places I come across! In summer 2014 I took my friend Stefania to London and we had a few spare days before we had to be in Edinburgh for a teaching course, so we decided to have two 24 hours stop-overs in Cambridge and York. Best idea ever! London and Edinburgh are amazing cities, but so are Cambridge and York. Continue reading

a spiritual experience in Koyasan, Japan

koyasantitleI’m back with something more about my summer trip to Japan. There is still so much to tell about the two weeks I spent there in July, a truly amazing experience. Today I want to tell you about our overnight trip to Koyasan, a sacred site in the Wakayama prefecture, not too far away from Osaka. It was the highlight of my Japan trip, and it’s not difficult to see why… Continue reading

10 things to do in and around Locarno in winter

titlewinterI had in mind this blog entry for a long time, actually since I started the blog back in August, I was just waiting for the right time to write it, and the right time must be now, before the winter is over. Well, actually, to tell you the truth, although winter has technically started a few days ago, if I look out of the window I just see blue skies, the sun and not a lot of snow. But what can you do in and around Locarno once it gets really cold and wintery (no worry, I’m sure that time will come even this year)? Here are a few tips… Continue reading

Postcards from a girls trip to Barcelona

titleYay! I’m back! Sorry for the downtime but Christmas time was really busy over here! I will slow things down a bit in the new year, but I’ll try to update the blog at least once a week so stay tuned! Right now I’m on holiday so I have time to catch up and prepare some entries for the next few weeks and I’m really looking forward to tell you more about some of the amazing trips I took. Like this one from earlier this month, when I took three of my besties to Barcelona for a long weekend. What an amazing time we had there! Continue reading

Barcelona favourites

barcelonatitleTwo more sleeps and then I’m traveling to Barcelona for a long weekend with my girls! It’s going to be soooooo much fun! Right now is the time I’m busy with planning the whole trip, which gave me the idea to start listing my favourite things I did in Barcelona during my previous visits. I’ve been to Barcelona three times before, and loved the city each time. For me Barcelona, with its mild climate, is a fun colourful party city that easily puts me in a good mood. Continue reading

Milan walk: art galleries, churches and the castle

titlemilanSo what do you do when you suddenly discover that you have a free weekend? You make plans to travel somewhere nice, right? And if your sister is free as well, a shopping spree is in order. Living in Ticino Milan is the perfect option for a shopping day trip, after all it is one of the capitals of fashion. So that’s what we did, but instead of visiting the usual shops around the Duomo, I decided that I wanted to see another side of Milan. Continue reading