10 things to do in Locarno in spring

springtitleonly a few more days an it’s officially spring! Wohooooo!!! And like nature, our town is also slowly starting to wake up. I’m not saying there is nothing to do in winter, but spring is when the tourists start to arrive, the weather gets nicer, you can start to sit outside in the many pretty cafés and there is an event after the other. But what are the things you shouldn’t miss? Here’s my top ten. Continue reading

a weekend in the snow in Bosco Gurin

boscotitleI don’t remember exactly who came up with the idea of going sledging, but when Chantal suggested spending a day in Bosco Gurin in Vallemaggia I was up for it. After all that’s where I learned skiing a long time ago, and it’s the place where I spent many nice skiing holidays in my cousins’ little wooden house during my childhood and my teenage years. I haven’t been to Bosco Gurin in about 20 years, shame on me, but luckily the pretty village still looks more or less how I remembered it. Continue reading

10 things to eat in Ticino

titletifoodSitting together around a granite table and sipping local red wine out of a boccalino is still something we highly enjoy here in the area. Even better if it’s during a hot summer night in a cool grotto or in the wineyard. And if somebody gets out some cheese from the alp and a salametto, then you can be sure that nobody will leave the table for hours. Continue reading