easy Sunday hike on Monte Verità

mteveritatitleTwo weeks ago my sister called me in the morning and asked if I wanted to go on an easy hike on Monte Verità, which is just above Losone, where she lives. She wanted to take the whole family, including the children (aged 4 and 6, and a friend aged 5), and the grandparents. I don’t go on hikes very often, but I was up for that one straight away, the weather was great, I could spend some quality time with the kids and walk in the nature, how could I say no? So I got ready and joined them in Losone where we started the hike. Continue reading

10 things to do in Locarno in spring

springtitleonly a few more days an it’s officially spring! Wohooooo!!! And like nature, our town is also slowly starting to wake up. I’m not saying there is nothing to do in winter, but spring is when the tourists start to arrive, the weather gets nicer, you can start to sit outside in the many pretty cafés and there is an event after the other. But what are the things you shouldn’t miss? Here’s my top ten. Continue reading

a weekend in the snow in Bosco Gurin

boscotitleI don’t remember exactly who came up with the idea of going sledging, but when Chantal suggested spending a day in Bosco Gurin in Vallemaggia I was up for it. After all that’s where I learned skiing a long time ago, and it’s the place where I spent many nice skiing holidays in my cousins’ little wooden house during my childhood and my teenage years. I haven’t been to Bosco Gurin in about 20 years, shame on me, but luckily the pretty village still looks more or less how I remembered it. Continue reading

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

nevetitleThis winter we didn’t see much snow here in Ticino, but then last weekend, surprise surprise, there it was! And not just a few snowflakes, it was the real deal! And people panicked, they weren’t ready for snow in March, streets were closed, the trains delayed or cancelled, and so on… But after a few hours everything was back to normal, but because of the warm temperatures the snow won’t last very long. So yesterday morning I just had to go out and take a few snapshots of the pretty landscape, of the snow on palm trees, along the lake walk, on Piazza Grande and next to the cafés in Ascona. It all looks so peaceful when covered in white, don’t you think? Continue reading

postcards from an afternoon in Lugano

luganotitleThis weekend my friend Isa from Zurich came to visit and we decided to try out the Lugano foxtrail. She hadn’t been to Lugano since her time at school and myself, despite living only about half an hour by car away, only visit Lugano two or three times a year, shame on me! The city is full of culture, cute shops, beautiful old churches, picturesque squares and interesting historic buildings. And it’s on a lake just south of the Alps. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Continue reading

10 things to do in and around Locarno in winter

titlewinterI had in mind this blog entry for a long time, actually since I started the blog back in August, I was just waiting for the right time to write it, and the right time must be now, before the winter is over. Well, actually, to tell you the truth, although winter has technically started a few days ago, if I look out of the window I just see blue skies, the sun and not a lot of snow. But what can you do in and around Locarno once it gets really cold and wintery (no worry, I’m sure that time will come even this year)? Here are a few tips… Continue reading

Locarno to Tenero Sunday afternoon walk

titlelungoThis post is a no brainer, probably the easiest article I will ever write for this blog as it is simply an easy walk I take about once a month, often on a sunny Sunday afternoon, usually with my niece and nephew, sometimes with friends and occasionally alone. When I was younger I used to live near the “red path”, as we affectionately call it, and I cycled part of it to go to school or to the swimming pool in summer. It is tied to a lot of memories, but even for tourists traveling to this part of Switzerland it’s a wonderful way to spend a few hours walking next to the Lago Maggiore. Continue reading

10 things to eat in Ticino

titletifoodSitting together around a granite table and sipping local red wine out of a boccalino is still something we highly enjoy here in the area. Even better if it’s during a hot summer night in a cool grotto or in the wineyard. And if somebody gets out some cheese from the alp and a salametto, then you can be sure that nobody will leave the table for hours. Continue reading