Postcards from a girls trip to Barcelona

titleYay! I’m back! Sorry for the downtime but Christmas time was really busy over here! I will slow things down a bit in the new year, but I’ll try to update the blog at least once a week so stay tuned! Right now I’m on holiday so I have time to catch up and prepare some entries for the next few weeks and I’m really looking forward to tell you more about some of the amazing trips I took. Like this one from earlier this month, when I took three of my besties to Barcelona for a long weekend. What an amazing time we had there! Continue reading

Barcelona favourites

barcelonatitleTwo more sleeps and then I’m traveling to Barcelona for a long weekend with my girls! It’s going to be soooooo much fun! Right now is the time I’m busy with planning the whole trip, which gave me the idea to start listing my favourite things I did in Barcelona during my previous visits. I’ve been to Barcelona three times before, and loved the city each time. For me Barcelona, with its mild climate, is a fun colourful party city that easily puts me in a good mood. Continue reading

10 things to do in wonderful Salamanca

titalesalamancaMy friend Isabel, the one who comes with me on most of my trips, has Spanish origins. Her mom is from Salamanca and she’s been telling me how beautiful the town was for many years. But somehow, shame one me, I never really listened and so she eventually did what she had to do to make me hear her, she invited me to spend a week in this wonderful town in the Castilla y Leon area. Continue reading