Milan walk: art galleries, churches and the castle

titlemilanSo what do you do when you suddenly discover that you have a free weekend? You make plans to travel somewhere nice, right? And if your sister is free as well, a shopping spree is in order. Living in Ticino Milan is the perfect option for a shopping day trip, after all it is one of the capitals of fashion. So that’s what we did, but instead of visiting the usual shops around the Duomo, I decided that I wanted to see another side of Milan. Continue reading

Cannobio: market town, lake promenade and shoe shops.

titlecannobioFinally, after too many days of rain, the sun is shining again! The leaves are turning orange and we are finally having some beautiful fall days. About ten days ago I finally had a free Sunday, and so I invited my sister and my nephew to go on a day trip to Cannobio, in Italy. Cannobio is a village on the lake Maggiore, not too far away from Locarno and which can be easily reached by boat or car. Continue reading

Ciao Venezia! … or ten things to do in Venice, Italy.

Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.
(Truman Capote)
titlevenezia-01Venice, oh how I love you! The best city in the world to get lost in, and believe me, it’s not difficult to find yourself in a really beautiful spot and have actually no idea where you are! I visited Venice quite a few times during the last ten years, and each time I discovered some new great places. Continue reading