a spiritual experience in Koyasan, Japan

koyasantitleI’m back with something more about my summer trip to Japan. There is still so much to tell about the two weeks I spent there in July, a truly amazing experience. Today I want to tell you about our overnight trip to Koyasan, a sacred site in the Wakayama prefecture, not too far away from Osaka. It was the highlight of my Japan trip, and it’s not difficult to see why… Continue reading

one day in Nara, Japan

titlenaraA few months before traveling to Japan, I started reading guides and blog entries about the country, trying to put together an itinerary that made sense. I really enjoy reading travel guides and Nara was a place that kept coming up. It sounded like a must-see spot and so, on our second day in the country of the rising sun, we decided to visit the former capital. Continue reading

Osaka day 1: takoyaki and a whole lot of craziness

You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven. (Jimi Hendrix)
titleosaka-01It was love at first sight. As we stepped out of Namba station, in the centre of Osaka, I knew I would love that city with all my heart. It was a Friday night in July, we had been on the road for nearly 20 hours and were exhausted. All I wanted was to fall in bed and sleep for the next 12 hours. But then it hit me, hard! Continue reading