15 things to do in Vancouver

vantitleI recently came across some pictures from my trip to Vancouver and straight away I thought my next blog post should be about this city. Vancouver… what a pleasant surprise! The reasons to visit, for Isa and me, were mainly two: first it’s the city where they film Supernatural, one of our favourite TV shows, secondly I have family living there that I wanted to visit. I had been playing with the idea of visiting for a while, and finally, nearly four years ago, I booked the trip. Continue reading

5 things I loved in New York

titleny-01I’ve been to New York twice, the last time (I just checked) 3 years ago. Apparently time really flies, it feels like only a few months! Anyway, I didn’t love New York. There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, it’s definitely an intriguing city with a lot of interesting things to do, but somehow, New York and me, we just didn’t click. Continue reading