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I decided to start this blog in August 2015 after a summer of intense traveling, with the hope to inspire others to visit all the amazing places I’ve seen and to provide some useful information to all the people who keep asking me about my trips. I mostly travel with girlfriends and we go on a lot of city trips, I’m quite scared of extreme sports and I like my trips to be well organized, I’m not much of an adventurer… My travels often feature long walks in the cities to see the main sights, a few museum, churches or temples visits, some shopping and dinner in nice restaurants. I usually plan every hour before leaving but often end up changing my itinerary when on site :)

Going through tons of travel blogs, I have noticed that Switzerland, the lovely country I live in, isn’t featured in many travel blogs… what a pity! There is so much to see here! That’s why I will also write about Switzerland, especially the Ticino area, where I’m based. And who knows, maybe one day there will be more bloggers visiting this truly beautiful place.

When I’m not traveling I teach, listen to rock music, go to Robbie Williams concerts, watch Supernatural and spend far too much time on Pinterest.

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