easy Sunday hike on Monte Verità

mteveritatitleTwo weeks ago my sister called me in the morning and asked if I wanted to go on an easy hike on Monte Verità, which is just above Losone, where she lives. She wanted to take the whole family, including the children (aged 4 and 6, and a friend aged 5), and the grandparents. I don’t go on hikes very often, but I was up for that one straight away, the weather was great, I could spend some quality time with the kids and walk in the nature, how could I say no? So I got ready and joined them in Losone where we started the hike. mteverita-2After walking through part of Losone, we reached the parking space next to the Grotto Raffael (note: an excellent place for a tasty typical “ticinese” lunch or dinner). That’s where we entered the wood and started ascending the Collina di Maia (the Maia hill). It was an easy walk, we walked part of the Maia trail, and then continued on another trail, along ponds, crossing streams, and past some old ruins.
mteverita mteverita-4 mteverita-5 mteverita-6 mteverita-7 mteverita-8I enjoyed every minute of it and the kids loved it too! We eventually reached the Parco Parsifal on Monte Verità but decided that it was still too early for lunch and continued our walk a little bit higher up. Along this trail you can see funny wooden sculptures and then there’s THE view on Ascona and the lake, just see for yourself…
mteverita-9 mteverita-10 mteverita-11 mteverita-12 mteverita-13Then we had lunch in the Parsifal park while the kids spent their time on the playground. This is a popular spot for families of the area, you can drive there by car too and it’s a good place for a barbecue (there are facilities for everybody to use), for a pic-nic or just to relax. There are public toilets (always good with kids) and a small bar.
mteverita-14After lunch I decided to continue on my own, I didn’t want to go back to Losone bur rather walk down towards Ascona to have a well deserved ice cream, and so I did. On the way down you may want to stop at the Monte Verità centre and museum, I had already been there quite a few times before so I skipped that part. The descent is lovely, loads of steps but in about 15 minutes you are in the old centre of Ascona, just walk down to the lake promenade and enjoy your icecream, pizza or aperitivo!
mteverita-15 mteverita-16 mteverita-17 mteverita-18 mteverita-19 mteverita-20 mteverita-21 mteverita-22 mteverita-23
I tried to map out the walk for you, on this site you can download a much better map with all the trails. I hope you understand which one we took.
If you are in the area with kids I highly recommend this Sunday walk, I’m sure you’ll love it!

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