postcards from London (part two)

londonpostcards2hey there, here comes part two of my postcards from London, more pictures from my five days in the British capital during the Easter holidays. In my previous post I covered days one and two, now I will tell you all about days three and five.
london2blog-54On our third day in London, which was Easter Sunday, we decided to go to the old Spitalfields market and the Shoreditch area. Whenever I’m in London on a Sunday, that’s where you will find me. I ADORE the old Spitalfields market and all the surrounding little markets that pop up on a Sunday! And you know what? They keep getting better and better! However we made a huge mistake, we went to have breakfast just before hitting the market, never ever do that! There is so much wonderful food at the markets and I was so sorry to have ruined my hunger with a mediocre breakfast.
Anyway, at the old Spitalfields market you will find a lot of interesting stalls selling artsy things, fashion, jewellery and knick knacks to decorate your house. You will also find plenty of food. The market takes place on Sundays in a covered hall, so go there even if it’s raining!
london2blog-23After visiting the market, we walked towards the Sunday Up market hall, and on the way we came across another hall which was filled mainly with stalls selling vintage and second-hand clothes. As I said, those markets get better and better! Sunday Up was amazing too, it now has tons of food from basically every country in the world, so make sure to come hungry!
london2blog-24 london2blog-25Then we moved towards Brick Lane and came across two more halls filled with stalls, one had food only, the other more artsy stuff. But that’s not all, the whole area is full of interesting and quirky shops, pretty cafés and there’s street art on pretty much every corner. Just wow… Unfortunately it rained quite a lot that day, so we didn’t spend much time on the street, but I bet it’s absolutely amazing during the hot summer days, and I hear there’s a night market too! I just have to come back in summer…
london2blog-26 london2blog-27 london2blog-28 london2blog-29
After the markets we took the tube to go to King’s Cross / St. Pancras. At King’s Cross we had a quick look at platform 9 3/4 (Harry Potter fans will know what I mean) and then walked to the British library. On the picture you can see St. Pancras station and hotel, I guess this is one of the prettiest railway stations in the world! london2blog-30
Unfortunately the British library was closed, I really wanted to see the Alice in Wonderland exhibition, but it wasn’t meant to be. So we went to Covent Garden instead where we strolled around for a while before going to Islington for a concert.
Day four of our London trip was spent shopping, and I mean real shopping, the kind of shopping where you spend the whole day trying on new clothes and walking around with about ten bags. As the weather was bad again, we opted for the Westfield Stratford City shopping centre, apparently the biggest shopping centre in Europe! In the late afternoon we were exhausted and decided to go to the cinema to rest our feet for a while :)
On our last day in London we caught up with the sightseeing as the weather was looking a bit better, at least for a while!
We started with breakfast at the Duck&Waffle. I wanted to go there for ages and I finally managed to book a table for breakfast at a decent time. We were lucky to get a good table at the window, and the view was truly amazing. As for the rest I wouldn’t particularly recommend the place, the food was quite good but fairly expensive for what it really was. I think it would be better to just go to the bar and have a drink as the view from the bar is also more interesting than the one from the restaurant.
london2blog-32 london2blog-34 london2blog-33
After breakfast, as the sun was shining, we decided to walk towards the Themse and go for the Southbank walk. On the way we visited Leadenhall market which is a really beautiful building with a few nice shops (and another Harry Potter filming location) and then came across the Monument.
london2blog-36 london2blog-37 london2blog-38
The queue in front of the Monument was pretty short so we decided to climb it. 311 steps later that’s the view we had over the city, not bad, isn’t it?
london2blog-39 london2blog-40 london2blog-41
Then we reached the river and walked  towards the Tower of London, crossed Tower Bridge and walked back towards the London Eye. If you go to London you just have to take that walk, it’s so pretty and interesting.
london2blog-42 london2blog-43 london2blog-44 london2blog-45 london2blog-46
You will see many of the most famous London sights and some of the lesser known but equally interesting attractions. You will also come across the amazing Borough Market, which is another market that is getting better and better each time I visit it! This one is for food only.
london2blog-47 london2blog-48 london2blog-49 london2blog-50 london2blog-51 london2blog-52 london2blog-53
Shortly after visiting the market we were surprised by heavy rain and hail! Yep, that’s London, one minute the sun is shining and the next it’s raining!
We walked until we reached the London Eye, crossed the bridge to the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and then went back to our hotel to get our luggage and go to Heathrow airport.
london2blog-55 london2blog-56 london2blog-57 london2blog-58 london2blog-59
As always, London was fab, and I will be back very soon, no doubt!

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