postcards from London (part one)

londontitle2cSo it’s already more than a week since I came back from London. I had a great time and as expected we did many things from the list I wrote in my previous post. I took many pictures and I want to show you a few, well, a bit more than a few, I had to divide them into two posts :o) london2blog-6
On the first day in London, it was Good Friday, my friend Isa and me decided to check out God’s Own Junkyard in Walthamstow. I had never been to that part of the city, but I used to really like the band East 17, so of course I had heard about it. It was actually a pretty nice place, it was a very sunny day and the area looked lovely, especially around the “junkyard”. You can read all about this amazing place on their website, I don’t know how many pictures I have taken, I literally didn’t want to leave. There is a nice café inside the hall too, we had a quick lunch and some drinks just so that we could spent more time between all the neon lights.
london2blog london2blog-2 london2blog-3 london2blog-4 london2blog-5
london2blog-7 london2blog-8
Then we took the tube back into the centre and decided to take a stroll through Hyde Park as the weather was still very nice and the forecast for the following days was pretty bad. We visited the Serpentine Galleries and enjoyed the sun while strolling through the park.
london2blog-9 london2blog-10 london2blog-11We then went for some Indian dinner near our hotel before going to bed quite early.
On Saturday, after a huge breakfast at the Notting Hill branch of Le Pain Quotiden, we visited Portobello Market. As I have already said in my previous post, Notting Hill is probably my favourite area of London, not necessarily on a Saturday when it’s always insanely crowded, during the week it’s a lovely, village-like area with a lot of cute shops and cafés. But I also love the market so I end up there on a Saturday pretty often too. We strolled through the stalls of the antiques market, then passed the food stalls before hitting the less crowded part of the market. After passing under the Westway, turn left, there are often a few interesting stalls in that lesser known part of the market.
london2blog-12Then we went to Camden, another of our favourite areas. As always we went into many interesting shops, looked at gothic and steampunk clothes, and ended up buying some knick-knacks. Again we had lunch in a pretty amazing café, this one was hidden in a far corner of the Stables market, between the clothes, paintings and books of a vintage shop. I so want to go back to Camden in summer and try out the many newer food stalls that you can find in the court just next to the canal. The food looked pretty amazing! Oh, and I want to have breakfast at the Cereal Killer Café :o)
london2blog-13 london2blog-14 london2blog-15 london2blog-16 london2blog-17 london2blog-18 london2blog-19 london2blog-20 london2blog-21
We had some time to kill and decided to have a stroll through Leicester Square, where I was very sad to discover that Häagen Dazs had closed down :o( Then we moved to Piccadilly Circus before heading back to our hotel.
That’s what we did on our first two days in London. Look out for another picture-heavy post on days 3 and 5! Soon!

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