a weekend in the snow in Bosco Gurin

boscotitleI don’t remember exactly who came up with the idea of going sledging, but when Chantal suggested spending a day in Bosco Gurin in Vallemaggia I was up for it. After all that’s where I learned skiing a long time ago, and it’s the place where I spent many nice skiing holidays in my cousins’ little wooden house during my childhood and my teenage years. I haven’t been to Bosco Gurin in about 20 years, shame on me, but luckily the pretty village still looks more or less how I remembered it. boscogurinWhen I started planning our day in the mountains, I quickly realized that if we wanted to do everything we had planned, one day would not be enough, especially when traveling by public transport. So I looked around for an accommodation and came upon the very cute B&B Moni, a place I can only recommend. We loved it there, the hosts were friendly and the location is great too.
boscogurin-13We started our weekend by renting sledges, one for each of us, then took the chair-lift up to Rosboda where we stopped for lunch at the self-service restaurant on 2000 metres above sea level. While the view from the restaurant’s terrace was breathtaking, the food was only average. We met a lot of people we knew at the restaurant, which was nice, and chatted for some time while soaking up the sun.We were really lucky with the weather as it was warm and really sunny, not one cloud in the sky! And it had snowed just one week before, so the snow was great too.

boscogurinnew-2 boscogurin-3After lunch we decided to descend towards the Capanna Grossalp where we had agreed to meet up with some friends we had seen earlier. Getting to Grossalp with the sledge proved to be quite an experience, but we finally made it and it was definitely worth it. There was even some live music which added a nice touch to  the already very chilled atmosphere of the place. Of course every spot in the sun was taken and nobody was giving up his or her seat, so we had to take our drinks inside. Note to self: next time get there earlier!
boscogurin-7 boscogurin-6Eventually we had to leave Grossalp as the sledge rental place was closing and started our descent towards Bosco Gurin. Why don’t I go sledging more often? It was so much fun and we laughed and giggled a lot! I suppose there are better sledging runs in Switzerland, the one in Bosco is about 4 kms long and a bit slow, we sometimes even had to walk, but for beginners like us it was definitely nice.
boscogurin-4 boscogurin-5 boscogurin-8boscogurins boscogurin-9 boscogurin-10 boscogurin-11 boscogurin-12Back in the village we went for an aperitif to the Osteria delle Alpi which eventually sort of became our second home in Bosco Gurin. They serve their Spritz in nice little jars, and you also get a little something to eat. As long as the sun was shining we sat outside, but then had to move inside as we were getting cold. Stefania asked to see the restaurant’s menu and decided we should book a table for dinner, as the food sounded really tasty.
boscogurin-14Back at our B&B we showered, relaxed, and eventually got ready for dinner. The Osteria delle Alpi is just a 5 minutes walk from the B&B and luckily we had booked a table as the restaurant was full to the last spot. We looked through the menu and opted for the monthly specials, home-made gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce for me, Chantal and Stefania chose some meat dishes and we were all very happy with our food. The restaurant is famous for its Walser rösti, I hear they  are delicious too! Unfortunately we ate so much that we didn’t have any space left for dessert, I would have loved to try one of them too! Will have to do so next time…
boscogurin-19 On Sunday we woke up to grey skies, what a pity! I really wanted to go up to the top of the second chair-lift, to the Sonnenberg hut on 2500 metres above sea level, but it was so foggy that we decided against it. Instead we went for a walk in the beautiful village. Bosco Gurin has a very interesting history: more than seven centuries ago the Alpine population of the Walser colonized the valley. Bosco Gurin is the only village in Ticino where they speak a Swiss German dialect, but of course Italian is spoken by everybody too. At 1500 metres above sea level it is also the highest village in Ticino. You can learn more about the village’s history in the museum Walserhaus.
boscogurin-16 boscogurin-15When we walked through the pretty village I had one goal, finding the former house of my cousins. It wasn’t an easy task, but with the help of my mum and my sister (on the phone), I finally made it :) It hasn’t changed much either, I wonder what it looks like inside nowadays!
boscogurin-17After the walk we found ourselves back at… surprise surprise… the Osteria delle Alpi where we had a small early lunch, just look for yourself, there’s nothing to add, right? I’m getting hungry just by looking at the pictures ;)boscogurinf-2 boscogurinfAnd then it was already time to go back home. The three of us all agreed to go back next winter, so, Bosco Gurin, see you again soon, and sorry for having neglected you for the past twenty years… it won’t happen again!boscogurin-18

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