postcards from an afternoon in Lugano

luganotitleThis weekend my friend Isa from Zurich came to visit and we decided to try out the Lugano foxtrail. She hadn’t been to Lugano since her time at school and myself, despite living only about half an hour by car away, only visit Lugano two or three times a year, shame on me! The city is full of culture, cute shops, beautiful old churches, picturesque squares and interesting historic buildings. And it’s on a lake just south of the Alps. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?
lugano lugano-16lugano-15 lugano-17 lugano-14 lugano-13And it surely is, as I once more had to say after my visit and the foxtrail. I’m not sure if you know about foxtrails, they are treasure hunts through the city, you have to solve clues and go to different places and in the end you will find a treasure. We loved it! We thought it was very well done even if sometimes it took us quite a while to solve the clues! But we had a lot of fun, and it took us to interesting spots in the city that I had never been to before.
lugano-6 lugano-5 lugano-4 lugano-2Here are a few pictures from our afternoon. I’m deliberately changing the order in which they were taken and I’m adding pics that were taken after the foxtrail too, as I don’t want to spoil the trail for those of you that decide to play it :) Enjoy the pix and if you are in the area go and visit this beautiful city, with or without following the fox!
lugano-12 lugano-11 lugano-10 lugano-9 lugano-8I will try to come up with a good Lugano walk in the future, I promise :o) So come back soon!
lugano-21 lugano-20 lugano-19 lugano-18 lugano-7 lugano-22

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