Barcelona: 10 more things to do

barcelonatitleLast December I went to Barcelona for the fourth time, and while planning the trip I was once again surprised by the sheer amount of things one can do in this city! I had already done the basics but what about everything else? I  prepared a tight itinerary and still couldn’t fit in everything I wanted to do. Sure, traveling with three other ladies didn’t help, especially because some of them had never been to the city and wanted to see the main attractions too, and then of course there was the not so small distraction created by the wonderful shops one encounters on every corner. So we were a bit slow, but still… In a previous post I already showed you some pictures of the trip, and even earlier I gave you my top 10 list of things to see in Barcelona. Now a few more suggestions… enjoy!barcelona-26Visit the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. This beautiful gothic cathedral is right in the centre of the Gothic quarter, and you can’t go to Barcelona without visiting the area, so why not spend some time in this cathedral too? I thought it was pretty impressive and there was a lot to see. We even went on the roof, but I think it wasn’t too nice up there, not really worth the money. We didn’t visit the cloister next to the church, but I’ve seen some beautiful pictures of it. I will have to go there next time I’m in barcelona-4 barcelona-6Drink and dine on Plaza Reial. I read about this square on some other blogs and I couldn’t believe I missed it the other times I was in town. After all it’s just next to the Rambla, and it’s surrounded by nice restaurants and cool bars. I visited in December and it was pretty, but it must be amazing in summer when you can sit outside at the small little tables and eat tapas while sipping some wine. Or have dinner. Or drink cocktails. All while chatting to your friends and watching life on the Discover more about the genius that was Antoni Gaudì at Casa Batllò. I had visited Gaudìs house Casa Milà during another visit to Barcelona, and I loved it, but Casa Batllò is just amazing! The rooms, the light, the colours, the tiles, I loved everything about it! You can easily spend half a day inside this house while listening to the excellent audio guide. We bought our tickets in advance which may be a good idea if you go to Barcelona during a busy period. There wasn’t much of a queue when we were there, but I bet it’s different during the holidays and in barcelona-12 barcelona-11 barcelona-14 barcelona-16Spend some time with another Spanish genius: Pablo Picasso. My first time in Barcelona, about 20 years ago, I visited the Picasso museum and loved it, and during my second visit this time I loved it even more. Even the building is beautiful! And there is so much to learn about this great artist! You can really see how his art developed through the years, impressive! If you go there on the first Sunday of the month, you even get in for free :)barcelona-23Stroll through the medieval Barrio El Born. This is where the Picasso museum is located, as well as the beautiful Santa Maria del Mar church. El Born is excellent for shopping and having a barcelona-58 barcelona-59Discover Barceloneta beyond the beach. Yes, I know, the beach is wonderful, but take one of the narrow streets that take you away from the beach and you will discover a whole different Barcelona! It used to be a poor area, a former fishermen village, and in a way it still feels a little bit like that, with the very narrow streets and the laundry hanging from the windows. But to me it felt like a lived in place, so much more than many other areas in the centre, and that’s what I really liked about it. There’s a big market in Barceloneta, which of course sells a lot of fish. It was closed when we passed by, but it’s surely something I want to see next time I’m in heavy shopping. I adore shopping in Barcelona, there are so many pretty shops! Of course you can find all the usual shops in Portal de l’Angel, and there are enough to spend the whole day in that one street. But then there are other excellent shopping areas too, I really liked the Rambla de Catalunya and the El Born neighbourhood. Then there are the vintage and alternative shops in Carrer dels Tallers, or the luxury shops in Passeig de Gracia. There really is something for everyone! And Spain has some great fashion brands, even ones that you can’t find all over the world. Some of my favourites are Indi and Cold, Nice Things and Ese o barcelona-63 barcelona-64Go alternative in El Raval. Shopping in Carrer dels Tallers is quite an experience, but there is so much else to see in this very interesting neighbourhood just right off the Rambla. Quirky Cafés, exotic shops, beautiful squares, historic buildings and interesting street art. And another market. Don’t miss this area if you’re looking for something barcelona-38 barcelona-39 barcelona-40Hunt bargains at Mercat dels Encants. Ok, so this flea market was a bit different from what I expected, it’s not a touristy place, although you can read about it on pretty much every guide. The building with the mirrors on the ceiling is worth a visit itself, but then there’s the stalls… and they sell pretty much everything! Antiques, books, furniture, clothes, electronics, you name it! My friends didn’t like the place too much, so we just spent about an hour walking through the stalls, but with more time on hand, I’m sure I would have found something interesting to buy :)barcelona-53 barcelona-54Eat some churros y chocolate for breakfast. I know, not really healthy and about 10000 calories pro serving, but after all you’re in Spain and you’re going to burn those calories walking around town anyway, so just give in to the deliciousness of churros y chocolate… I did, more than once ;)barcelonaI’m sure I will go back to Barcelona again soon, and who knows, I may come up with another 10 things to do. I know for sure that the city has a lot more to offer!



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