A walk through Prague’s Mala Strana area

titleA while ago I presented to you a walk through the areas of Stare Mesto and Josefov in Prague, today I want to tell you about the other part of the city, the one on the other side of the river Vltava: Mala Strana. Like many other cities on prominent rivers, Prague has two sides to it, and they are quite different, both equally beautiful and interesting.

prague prague-2First of all, if you want to walk to Mala Strana, you have to cross Charles Bridge. Not sure if I told you before, but that bridge is wonderful. I’ve crossed some of the most famous bridges in the world, but this one may be my favourite. It’s pedestrian, which is a big plus, it’s wide, with statues on the sides, gates at the beginning and the end, interesting stalls on it, and an amazing view on both sides of town. Only negative thing, the hoard of tourists… but well, who can blame them ;)
prague-4 prague-3So you cross this great bridge and are right in the middle of one of the main streets in Mala Strana, one with bars, cafes, shops and restaurants. There are a lot of beautiful things to see on this part of town, we spent there only about half a day and this walk reflects what we have seen during these few hours.

After the bridge we turned right and headed towards one of the many gardens of Malastrana. We opted for the Fürstenberg gardens and I loved every minute I spent there. It was a sunny, beautiful day, but unfortunately there weren’t any flowers yet. It must be wonderful in late spring and summer! The garden is made of different terraces and you have a wonderful view over the old town. And you’re doing something for your fitness while you walk up and down the many stairs ;)

prague-5 prague-6 prague-7 prague-8 prague-10 prague-11After visiting the garden, we moved to the castle area. You will find a lot of information about the castle in every Prague guide, it’s a huge area made of many buildings, towers, a cathedral (3) and the famous Golden Lane (4), which you have to pay extra to visit. It’s a narrow street with cute tiny houses with artisan shops in it. I think it was worth the few extra bucks. You can spend a whole day in the Castle area if you want, there really is a lot to see and discover.prague-12 prague-13 prague-15 prague-14After the castle we continued to walk up the hill to reach the Strahov monastery (5) with its wonderful libraries. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, but just check them out here, amazing, aren’t they? At the back of the monastery you have again a wonderful view above all of Prague and there is a big park for relaxing walks. As our time was limited we just walked a little bit of it while going back down into the centre of Mala Strana. On the way we had our daily dose of trdlo, a delicious sweet bread tube.prague-16 prague-17We then walked towards the river again for another view of Charles Bridge, and had a quick tapas meal before heading to the other side of town again.

prague-19 prague-18

As usual, here’s the walk to download and the embedded version. Enjoy!

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