Loco to Intragna hike

locotitleLast weekend my friend Stefania went hiking in the Ticino mountains and sent me these pictures. I wanted you all to see them so I asked for permission to publish them on the blog, and she kindly obliged (grazie Ste!!).
loco loco-2 loco-3Her boyfriend found the hike on the app hike Ticino that you can download here, or check out the online version on the Ticino.ch website. The app and website both offer some nice tips for wonderful walks in the Ticino valleys and mountains, I really should go on one more often. They also provide great information about typology, length, duration and difficulty of the walk, some nice pictures and even a short videoclip. Personally I think their altitude graph is very useful, so is the map with the interest points.
loco-4 loco-6 loco-7This particular hike starts in Loco, a small village in the Onsernone valley. To get there the best way is  to take the bus from Locarno, the journey will take about half an hour. During the Middle-Age, the farmers living in Loco used to travel this mule track, called Via delle Vose, down to Intragna and then on to Locarno to get to the town market to trade goods. Once you arrive in Intragna, to get back to Locarno, just take the Centovallina train. Happy walking!
loco-10 loco-12 loco-11 loco-8 loco-9


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