Cannobio: market town, lake promenade and shoe shops.

titlecannobioFinally, after too many days of rain, the sun is shining again! The leaves are turning orange and we are finally having some beautiful fall days. About ten days ago I finally had a free Sunday, and so I invited my sister and my nephew to go on a day trip to Cannobio, in Italy. Cannobio is a village on the lake Maggiore, not too far away from Locarno and which can be easily reached by boat or car.


So we took the boat from Locarno, crossed the border to Italy and in about 30 minutes we arrived in Cannobio. Every Sunday Cannobio holds a very pretty market where you can buy clothes, shoes, accessories, food and much more. It’s a very popular destination for tourists in this area, and it’s not difficult to see why. The location of the market is very pretty, right on the lake promenade. It’s usually bustling with people, locals and foreigners alike, so I strongly advice to come early if you don’t like the big crowds.

cannobio-9The market sells some very interesting things but also a lot of rubbish. Clothes are usually very cheap but the quality is low, however you can find nice bag and shoes, but they are a bit more expensive. By far my favorite part of the market are the food stalls. You can buy local products, from cheese, to meat, to vegetables and even pasta. I usually come home with a bag full of fresh ravioli, with the most exotic flavours. This time I tried some with a filling made of four different types of cheese, some with figs and prosciutto crudo and some with amaretti and pumpkin. They were delicious! If you’re hungry you can of course buy some sandwiches to eat on the spot, try the one with porchetta, possibly cut directly in front of you, or a piadina with crudo and rucola. I also bought some shoes and a bag, because yes, you can never have enough shoes and bags ;)

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But even if it isn’t on Sunday, Cannobio is certainly worth a visit. Take a stroll on the lake promenade, stop for an ice cream in one of the many gelaterie or just have an espresso in a cute café. I always stop at Pasticceria Castello for some of their biscuits, yummy! And so much cheaper than in Switzerland. Then walk into the heart of the village, past the church, along the narrow cobbled lanes. I’m sure you’ll find some nice shoes to at least try on, and maybe some other souvenir. There is a shop right in the centre selling fresh pasta that is worth a stop too, unfortunately I can’t remember its name.

cannobio-5  cannobio-3 cannobio-2 cannobiocannobio-10cannobio-4If it’s hot you may want to go back to Cannobio’s Lido and have a swim in the lake. If you have kids they will love it there. However, if it’s starting to get late, even better! Have an aperitif on the lake promenade and then go for a nice dinner followed by another walk when it’s dark… heaven!

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