10 things to do in colourful Copenhagen

titlecopenhagenCopenhagen is one of the cities I could imagine living in. I just love it there, it’s trendy, the people are nice, and things are well organized: just the way I like it. But well, the weather, if only it were a tad sunnier and warmer!

I’ve been to Copenhagen three times in the last 4 years, always during summer and even though there were 2 or 3 hot days, often it was rather chilly and rainy. But as soon as a ray of sun shines on this lovely city, everybody moves outside and life seems to take place on the streets. All three times I visited it was because a certain singer was doing shows in town (more on that later), so my sightseeing time was a bit limited. Nonetheless I managed to see and do a few interesting that I don’t want to stay private. Here is what I would do in Copenhagen if I were a first time visitor.


1. Take many pictures of The Little Mermaid from all angles, because after all it is the number one tourist sight in town. Be warned, she is tiny, but admittedly very cute. She is now over 100 years old, and doesn’t look her age at all ;)


2. Nearly as nice as The Little Mermaid herself, is the journey to get there, that is if you decide to walk from the centre of town and take the promenade along the sea. It takes a while, but if the weather is warm and sunny, it’s a nice and relaxing walk, that will take you past a few more sights, like Amalienborg, the Royal Cast Collection, Gefion Fountain and Kastellet.

3. Have lunch and a waffle, or dinner and a beer, down at Nyhavn, my favourite place in town. Nyhavn is an old waterfront and harbour lined with many beautiful and bright buildings, all holding cafés or restaurants. And on the water you will see many beautiful old ships. If it’s sunny, the place is very busy as everyone goes there to have a drink and sit next to the water. Nyhavn is in a central position, just at the end of the main shopping street, that’s an added bonus.

copenhagen10 copenhagen1


4. Go shopping on Strøget, the main shopping street in town, the street where you will find all the famous brands and big chain stores. It takes you from City Hall Square to Kongens Nytorv Square. Walk it down at least once as even on this street you will encounter nice buildings, historic squares and a small market.


5. But then move to Kompagnistraede and Laederstraede for the much cuter shops. Stop for brunch, a salad, or even just a tea in one of the many quaint cafés.

copenhagen14 copenhagen5


6. Another interesting area is the Latin Quarter around the old university building. There’s nothing Latin in it, I read somewhere that it’s called like that because people from university used to speak a lot of Latin in the little streets around the university. This area as well has interesting shops, cafés and bars, maybe less trendy and romantic then in Kompagniestraede and Laederstraede, but more alternative and punk.

7. Near the University you will also find The Round Tower, a 17th century observatory. Climb the spiral ramp for a fantastic view of the old town. Unfortunately it was closed when I was in the area, it’s one thing I have to do next time I’m in town!

8. Get acquainted with the royal way of life at Amalienborg Palace, Frederiksborg Palace or Rosenborg Castle and its gardens.


copenhagen4 copenhagen3

9. Spend an afternoon and evening feeling like a child in Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world. Get on the rides and marvel at the beauty of the carousels, maybe even watch a show. Like most amusement parks in the north, or at least the three I went to, you can choose whether to pay a big entry fee that allows you to go on all the rides, or spend a lot less and then pay for every single ride you want to go on. It’s up to you, depending on whether you love rides or not. Personally I really like going to amusement parks because of the fantasy fairy-tale world, I don’t care much for the rides, so this system suits me well.
See the picture of the beautifully lit palace? That’s the Nimb hotel, and at the moment I’ve taken this picture, Robbie Williams (it’s partly his fault I went to Copenhagen so much) was behind one of those windows being sick because of food poisoning. Charming, isn’t it? ;)

copenhagen9 copenhagen15

10. Get a drink and do some people watching on Gråbrødretorv. The square is very pretty and you know what? This is just my personal idea, but I think the Danes are very fit! I have rarely seen so many handsome men (and gorgeous women) in the same place! Ok, that was me being extremely superficial :)


Well, that’s it! I just surfed a few other sites on Copenhagen and there is still a lot more to see, but for a start my suggestions should be enough. Have fun!

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