Brännö, a little corner of paradise in Göteborg’s archipelago

titlebrannoI’m not easily blown away by pretty sights, but two years after my trip to Brännö I still dream about it. In my last blog entry on Göteborg I suggested a trip to its archipelago if you had the chance to stay in town more than a day, I would actually skip visiting the town all together and do this instead. I promise, you won’t regret it!

Brännö is just one of the small little islands in the archipelago, and I bet there are many more that are at least as beautiful. We were lucky enough to go there on a sunny and warm day, and even though we only spent a few hours on the island, I felt totally relaxed when I got back to town. Because that’s what Brännö does to you, it calms you, it’s relaxing, it makes you forget all your worries for a while.


To get there from Göteborg just take tram nr 11 to Saltholmen and then one of the ferries to Styrsöbolaget. On the island you will find the cutest little café that now even has some rooms to rent! There is also a restaurant, bakery and supermarket, but we didn’t see those as we walked to the part of the island with less houses. We just wanted to enjoy the nature and stay away from people for an hour or two, which isn’t difficult to do on an island inhabited only by 800 people. I read though that in summer Brännö is famous for its traditional dancing festival on the quay, I bet that’s an amazing thing to see too. My dream is to come and stay on Brännö for at least three or four days, to have more time to explore the whole island, maybe rent a boat and visit some islands nearby and to relax. Who wants to come with me? ;)

Ok, now let me show you some more pictures of Brännö and the places we passed on the ferry trip, because describing them can never do them justice… yeah, I know, a little corner of paradise…

branno13 branno12 branno11 branno10 branno9 branno8 branno1 branno2 branno3 branno4 branno6 branno7

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