a day in Göteborg, Sweden

titlegoteborgGöteborg is the second largest city in Sweden, but it surely doesn’t feel like it. To me it seemed like a cozy little town where you can walk to all the main sights and see most of it in one day. I was lucky enough to stay in town for three days, but I put together a one-day itinerary for you that includes all the must-sees.

But before I start I have to tell you this, if you have a second day to spend in the area, don’t miss out on going to explore Göteborg’s archipelago for an amazing day with spectacular views. More on that on this blog very soon!

Ok, back to the city. Start your tour at Göteborg’s central station. Walk thorugh Nordstan, the huge shopping centre, and get to Östra Hamngatan. Walk north and you will pass a big shop selling all kind of candy. Heaven on earth for people like me :) Pack some of them, you will need them during the long walk. Then head north some more until you reach the Lilla Bommen Havn. Straight away you will notice two things when in Göteborg, first of all that there is water pretty much everywhere, and second that  it is a very green city with parks everywhere. At Bommen Havn turn left, walk past the opera house and if you want visit the Maritiman museum. Then climb the hill to go to the Kronhusbodarna. Around the old Kronhuset, Göteborg’s oldest building (completed in 1654), you can find some artisan and craft shops, including the very nice bags by Laura Didion and some delicious sweets by Sybräcka (yay, more sugar!) The stores are all on a beautiful cobblestone courtyard. Then it’s just a few more steps to get to Gustav Adolfs Torg, a square with the statue of King Gustav Adolf II.

goteborg7 goteborg8 goteborg1 goteborg9Walk west along that canal to see some more historic buildings and cross the canal at Västra Hamngatan. Walk south until you reach the gardens of Domkyrkan. Around this church you will find many beautiful streets lined with interesting shops. If you like visiting market halls, don’t miss Göteborg’s Saluhallen. Once you’re there it’s just a few more metres to get to the canal and Kungssportsbron bridge. Just under the bridge you will find the dock for the start of the paddan waterside city tours. Do it, it’s informative, fun, and it will give you the chance to rest your feet for a while. Also, you will have time to eat the rest of the candy and chocolates you bought earlier. What’s special about touring the canals in Göteborg is that many bridges are quite low so you literally have to bend in your paddan seats so you don’t bump your head.
Have lunch in one of  the many restaurants nearby or head to the fish church (Feskekôrka) to have a fish sandwich.

goteborg11 goteborg10

Then it’s time to move to Haga, take a tram, bus or walk, depending on how many steps are still left in you. Haga is a very cute and charming neighbourhood packed with pretty little shops and quaint cafés. It’s probably my favourite place in Göteborg. On pedestrian  Haga Nygata Street you can see some well-preserved old wooden houses. We stopped at charming café Kringlan for a deserved break, I loved it there, but next time I will have to stop at Husaren café to try one of  their giant cinnamon buns. After a coffee break go back to the Central station, if you want you can do some more shopping at Nordstan, Scandinavia’s biggest shopping centre. Personally I didn’t like the centre very much, but I suppose it’s handy in winter when it’s raining, snowing and bitter cold.

goteborg5 goteborg6

I suggest you take a vintage tram (they only run in summer) to get to Liseberg amusement park. Spend the evening at the park, we had a great time there even if we’re not big rollercoaster fans. Just walk around, enjoy the happy atmosphere and have something to eat. We did so at Hamnkrogen, Liseberg’s fish restaurant and had the most amazing fish soup. Doesn’t it look amazing? Maybe catch a show after dinner, or just watch the visitors dancing in the open air pavilion. I think Liseberg is the perfect ending for a beautiful day in Göteborg, but if you’re still up for more, I’m sure you’ll find a nice trendy bar somewhere around the corner. Cheers! ;)

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