a day at Bad RagARTz 2015

titlebadragazEvery three years, in the little town of Bad Ragaz (canton St. Gallen), they held Europe’s biggest open air art exhibition. For the sixth time, 90 artists from 13 countries present their works. The art, mostly sculptures, are exhibited all over the town, on the streets, squares, parks, around and on the small lake, and even on the local golf course. And the best thing is, it’s all for free! So what are you waiting for? The exhibition still runs until the first of November.

I visited last Sunday and loved it, at least as much as three years ago. I suggest to do as we did, take a guided tour first (ours took about an hour) and then just stroll around town, visit the big park, then walk around the lake and just breathe the art in. Take your time to study the pieces you like and somehow intrigue you and just have a quick look at those you find less interesting. If you’re hungry and need a break, head to the excellent Rössli restaurant to have lunch.


Anyway, I don’t know about you, but personally I think art should be seen and not so much written about,that’s why now I will just shut up (for a short while) and show you some pictures… enjoy!

badragaz16 badragaz15 badragaz14 badragaz13 badragaz12 badragaz11 badragaz10 badragaz8 badragaz7 badragaz6 badragaz5 badragaz4 badragaz3 badragaz2 badragaz1

By the way, Bad Ragaz is a beautiful town even when there’s less art in it (they keep some pieces from the triennale exhibition on display all year round). First of all you can go relax in their thermal baths, Bad Ragaz is famous for its thermal waters and health SPAs. If you don’t like bathing you may be happy to play golf on their very scenic golf course with a breathtaking view of the Alps. And if you have children with you, just could go and see Heidi’s house and birthplace in nearby Maienfeld. I will take my niece and nephew soon!


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